The above map of the Battle of Newport Barracks was drawn by Josiah O. Livingston of the 9th Vermont. Livingston was one of three members of the 9th Vermont to later win the Medal of Honor for their actions during the February 2, 1864 battle.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A long overdue post

It has been quite some time since I last made a post on the blog so one is most overdue. The fault solely rests on yours truly as the last three months have been pretty hectic for me. Things have settled down for a bit so I promise to be more attentive to the blog than I have been. So the natural question then to me is “well what has been going on?”

The major news is along with my friend Jim Glessner, we have started our own publishing company, Ten Roads Publishing, LLC. We are based here in Gettysburg and will focus primarily on Civil War titles. We are shaping up to have a very good lineup of titles and authors and we are both quite excited about it. Our company website is so feel free to check it out, currently there is not much up on the site but that will soon be changing. As for the name, it is a reference to the ten roads that converged at Gettysburg during the time of the battle in 1863.

As for my book projects they are coming along quite well. The Newport Barracks book is almost finished and I am in the process of doing the final drafts and edits on the text. In addition, I am putting together the maps and pictures that will be included in the book. The book will be for sale this fall and will be published by our publishing company.

With the Newport Barracks book drawing to a close (I must say it will never fully draw to a complete close as I am always in search of new information on it) my next project on North Carolina soldiers at Gettysburg is advancing along. I am almost finished compiling a list of all known North Carolina soldiers killed during the battle. This data will be included into a fully searchable database I am creating of all known North Carolina casualties (killed, wounded, and captured). I did not intend to originally create such an extensive database and it has almost evolved into a project on its own. I am also still compiling contemporary first-hand accounts from North Carolina soldiers during the campaign. There is a true wealth of information out there and the research itself to this point has been a wonderful experience.

With all this going on I am taking a much deserved and needed break with a trip home to North Carolina on Saturday. I will be doing some research but mostly will be spending time with family and catching up with friends.

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  1. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Good luck with your projects and the publishing company!

    A friend who teaches creative writing and literature at UNC told me that, "Civil War books ALWAYS sell." So, you're in the right place at the right time.

    I hope that sometime, somewhere you will include Abraham Galloway--a great N.C. Union spy and freedom fighter.Unfortunately, Mr. Galloway is not remembered or by the general public.

    So, Congratulations on your success!
    Shelia Bolt Rudesill
    Pittsboro, NC