The above map of the Battle of Newport Barracks was drawn by Josiah O. Livingston of the 9th Vermont. Livingston was one of three members of the 9th Vermont to later win the Medal of Honor for their actions during the February 2, 1864 battle.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on my next book project

The original plan for my next book project after the Newport Barracks book, was to be on the 43rd North Carolina during the Gettysburg Campaign. Well I have revised that a bit and have expanded my scope. The plan now is to use letters and diaries from North Carolina soldiers to tell the story of the states involvement in the campaign and battle. My focus will begin with letters and diaries written after the Battle of Chancellorsville and end around early August of 1863 when the Army of Northern Virginia was back across the Potomac River in Virginia.

The major reason for the change due to the lack of good primary sources for the 43rd in the campaign, but also because in the course of research I was finding letters and diary entries from other regiments that I was finding to be quite compelling. I know there will be the natural reaction to say "oh great another Gettysburg book," but I feel this will give a different perspective of the campaign. Another hope is that it will give attention to portions of the fighting that are often overlooked such as the attacks on Oak Ridge and the final attack on Seminary Ridge on July 1, 1863.

I do hope to revisit the 43rd North Carolina in the future, but I am excited about the prospects for this project. So if anyone has any letters or diaries from North Carolina troops during the Gettysburg campaign or know of any particular ones please email or contact me through the blog.

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