The above map of the Battle of Newport Barracks was drawn by Josiah O. Livingston of the 9th Vermont. Livingston was one of three members of the 9th Vermont to later win the Medal of Honor for their actions during the February 2, 1864 battle.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flag of the 9th Vermont

I wanted to share some pictures of the flag of t
he 9th Vermont that I now own. These were the National Colors that the regiment carried,along with the state flag of Vermont, from 1863 through at least mid to late 1864. This flag was also carried at the Battle of Newport Barracks, and is one of the few artifacts that can be connected to that battle with any level of certainty. This is not the only connection the flag has to the battle.

General Theodore Peck was
presented the flag in 1907 by the veterans of the regiment, and it was at the Battle of Newport Barracks that Peck (then a lieutenant) would win the Medal of Honor for his actions in the rear-guard action of the 9th Vermont. There is the slight chance that this flag was also with the regiment when they entered Richmond in April of 1865 as one of the first Union troops to enter the fallen Confederate capital city.

I hope at some point to bring the fla
g with me on one of my trips home to Newport, which will be the first time in 145 years that this flag was in Newport.

I am grateful to my friend Erik Dorr, who is the owner
and curator of The Gettysburg Museum of History, for letting me keep the flag in his museum for the public to see. I will be making a long overdue post on his museum very soon. It is in my opinion the best museum in Gettysburg and even better it has free admission.

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